Blackdyke Trout Fishery


Its a whopper


Blackdyke Rules

Catch and Release Rules

Barbless or de-barred hooks only

Play fish as quickly as possible

Do not drag the fish up the bank

Land fish in a net keeping it in the water

Do not handle fish unless compltely necessary, make sure your hands are wet if you do so

Use an unhooking tool or forceps to remove the hook

Other Rules

 All brown trout to be returned and any rainbow trout over 5lb we would like returned to the lake so that others have the chance to catch a big fish, any fish over 5lb or brown trout that has to be killed remains the property of the fishery owner, Mr Brian Rutterford.

A maximum of three flys only with a minimum of 6lb leader recommended.

All catches to be filled and weighed in - please report to lodge when leaving.

Lifevests at ALL times when on boats.

No litter to be left on the banks.

Anyone breaking the rules will be banned from the fishery